Listen to guided meditations, learn about the brainwaves of consciousness, explore the frontiers of gamma frequencies, and watch interviews of Judith by several excellent consciousness leaders on Judith's YouTube Channel. Other interviews can be found on the iAwake YouTube channel. Presentations on pioneering brainwave research are located on The Monroe Institute YouTube channel. 


Recommended interviews include:

  • Muscle Podcast, a 2022 interview by Ben Pakulski on "Activate Brain Wave States to Deepen Consciousness," a wide-ranging interview on the personal evolution of consciousness available on YouTube. 
  • 4th Dimension Press with Jennie Taylor Martin on Judith's books, CDs and spiritual awakening - 18 minutes
  • New Century Television with moderator Susan Duval on "The Brainwaves of Consciousness: Awakening to Insight, Creativity & Healing" - 33 minutes



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