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Listen to a guided meditation in Central Park to discover your "True Work." Watch interviews of Judith by several excellent moderators. Join a two-hour workshop in Kolkata, India. Meditate with conference attendees and learn about the brainwaves of meditation at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Watch a short, 8-minute video about the Awakened and Evolved Mind patterns of higher consciousness. View several free webinar presentations.


Recommended interviews include:

  • Psychology of the Future Summit series with 30 Top Thought Leaders and Visionaries - interview with Erik Lenderman - 60  minutes
  • Edgar Cayce's Wisdom Channel with Brenton Bickerstaff on Judith's publications, brainwave science and consciousness - 60  minutes
  • 4th Dimension Press with Jennie Taylor Martin on Judith's books, CDs and spiritual awakening - 18 minutes
  • New Century Television with moderator Susan Duval on "The Brainwaves of Consciousness: Awakening to Insight, Creativity & Healing" - 33 minutes

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