Judith Pennington  is one of many visionary thinkers stepping forth to help bring about the flowering of peace on Earth. She teaches what she knows best: how to listen to the inner voice of truth for creative insights that lead to a self-actualized life of health, happiness, and prosperity.


An internationally published journalist, author, singer, and world authority on EEG and the Awakened Mind,  Judith is the founder and director of Eagle Life Communications, her personal spiritual outreach, and the Institute for the Awakened Mind (IAM), an international consortium of consciousness trainers using the Mind Mirror EEG to guide people to the ideal self's Awakened Mind state for meditation, creativity, insight, healing, and peak performance. 


She is also the co-developer and driving force behind the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, a scientifically proven fast-track to meditation and consciousness development.


You are warmly invited to explore this website and several others linked to it.  In these pages you will find Judith's books and CDs, free

online newsletters, and an international community of brain/mind pioneers working toward personal and planetary transformation.

Mission and Purpose

Within each of us is a wise, kindly inner voice that guides us to be compassionate, loving creators of a peaceful and enlightened world.

Judith's mission is to guide people to this creative wisdom for the greater good of all living things.

Meditate to imagine. Create to evolve.

Upcoming Events


Group Training at The Monroe Institute

December 4-10, 2021


Mind Mirror monitoring of participants engaged in remote viewing and out-of-body exercises

The Monroe Institute, Faber, Virginia

Judith Pennington

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Registration: + 1 (434) 361-1500

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Awakened Mind Practitioner and Coach Certification Trainings

Dates in 2021 TBA

Bath, Pennsylvania

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For additional, updated events listings, please visit the homepage of the Institute for the Awakened Mind website.

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Conscious Evolution + Networked Communities = Personal and Planetary Transformation. Catch the wave, raise the vibration of the Infinite Quantum Field!

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