Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense


This mystical and scientific journey ushers readers into the world of intuition and the superconscious mind of enlightenment. Filled with stories, exercises and meditations, the book correlates Edgar Cayce's psychic readings with brainwave meditation research, the physics of healing, and the unified field of science and spirituality.


The first half of Your Psychic Soul shows how meditation, dream study, inspired writing, and intuitive inquiry awaken us to our subconscious intelligence and bring about inner peace, health, happiness, and prosperity. The second half focuses on the science of brainwaves and higher states of awareness.


Understand how meditation integrates the brain and enhances creativity, intuition, and insight, making us superconscious and at the same time evolving our lives and the world. 


The book’s companion guided meditations (Volumes 1-4), titled "The Meditation Experience: Listening to Your Psychic Soul," are available from A.R.E. Press.


Your Psychic Soul was published by 4th Dimension Press in 2012. It is available in soft cover or as an e-book. 239 pages. To purchase, see the links below.


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Companion set of 4 guided meditation CDs

Back cover:


Even as we struggle to stay balanced amidst the hustle and bustle or worries and concerns of daily life, the psychic soul finds ways to guide us, and indeed, when we are at our worst, our soul does its very best work. It speaks to us in the languages we speak best and in a voice that is crystal-clear.


The purpose of this book is to show you, the reader, how to tap into the superconscious knowledge and wisdom of your soul in order to reach your higher self and full life potential.


Chapters include:

  • Psychic Explorations: How to Read for Yourself and Others
  • The Brainwaves of Consciousness
  • The Superconscious Mind and Higher Self
  • The Awesome Power of Dreams
  • Writing the Voice of Your Soul
  • The Light of Consciousness: The Body's Subtle Energy System
  • Mind Mirror Research on Healers and Healing

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