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Why does one person struggle to quiet the mind and another dive into the silence of meditation with ease? How do a person's thoughts and feelings affect their own brainwaves and entrain the brainwave patterns of others?


What will help the meditator rise into the gamma frequencies of superconscious awareness and mystical union? And how does that superconscious meditator healthfully process high-frequency gamma in the body?



Those are just a few of many questions which have fascinated Judith for the past four decades. Her personal experiences, apprenticeship with Awakened Mind pioneer Anna Wise, and her subsequent development of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 (above, at left) have enabled her to find many of these answers.


Judith's quest for understanding leads her to map the brainwaves of extraordinary people all over the world and to write about them in internationally published articles and her books, all of which are geared to the science of meditation and spirituality. While adding to the growing body of research on the brain and consciousness, she encourages and supports studies by Awakened Mind practitioners and collaborates with leading researchers in related fields. 


Judith's own meditation-inspired creativity, instincts as an investigative journalist, and expert understanding of the mind-body data collected by the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 ensure that the Mind Mirror and the Cade-Wise knowledge base remain on the forefront of global consciousness research and development. Read a few of her Mind Mirror studies.

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