In 1974 Judith experienced a spontaneous healing so luminous and powerful that it led her on a lifelong quest for understanding. She found credible answers in inspired writing, lucid dreaming, meditation, spiritual study, and decades of investigative research into the science of the brain, meditation, and consciousness. 


During her 30-year career as an internationally published journalist, she authored two books on meditation and spirituality. Her first book, The Voice of the Soul: A Journey into Wisdom and the Physics of God, is a spiritual autobiography about the ability of inspired writing, meditation, and psychic awareness to heal and transform the body, mind and spirit.


Her second book, Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense, was written as a companion to her four guided meditation CDs. This "how to" book, published by 4th Dimension Press in 2012, delves into the brainwaves of intuition and healing as well as the latest science on the body's subtle energy system and the paranormal. The book also presents Judith's research on psychics, healers, and the gamma brainwave patterns of two superconscious states she discovered on the Mind Mirror 6.


Following the publication of her Voice of the Soul book in 2001, Judith founded Eagle Life Communications, an educational outreach devoted to awakening people to their inner wisdom and peace as the means to personal and planetary transformation. A singer and musician, she recorded a meditation CD, "The Illuminated Door," through her company, Heart 'n Soul Publications, and began to conduct workshops on meditation, dream interpretation, intuition development, self-love, and peaceful conflict resolution throughout the United States.


Judith was intuitively guided to the work of mind researcher Anna Wise while writing her first book in 1999 and included in it Wise's research on the science of meditation and the awakening of awareness. She began to weave the science of Awakened Mind development into her workshops and in 2005 committed to a formal course of study with Wise. She was certified as an EEG Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer in 2006.


In 2006 Judith wrote and published three more CDs which employ EEG-tested Awakened Mind meditation structures. That year she was invited by Wise to assist in her thrice-yearly seminars at Esalen Institute, the oldest human potential center in the United States, and served as Wise's assistant until her teacher passed away in 2010.


During this period, Judith traveled the U.S. as a speaker in the Field Program sponsored by Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), for which she taught the meditative path to illumination. A.R.E. Press re-published her four CDs in 2011 and her second book, Your Psychic Soul, in 2012. Judith networked thousands of people who attended her workshops and retreats via Eagle Life's two free e-publications: "The Still, Small Voice," a newsletter dedicated to inner wisdom and peace, and "OneWorld Spirit," an e-magazine providing spiritual perspectives on people, places, politics, and the earth's ecology.


Following Anna Wise's death in 2010, Judith picked up the baton and expanded her work to become a world authority on EEG and the Awakened Mind. She succeeded Wise by conducting group brainwave trainings with the Mind Mirror and in 2011 founded the Institute for the Awakened Mind. For several years, she continued to publish "The Still Small Voice" and "OneWorld Spirit," but gradually turned her attention to IAM and her co-development and international distributorship of the state-of-the-art Mind Mirror 6 in 2012. In addition to networking Awakened Mind practitioners trained by Wise through IAM, she began to train new practitioners from many different countries.


Today she promotes the Mind Mirror and Awakened Mind meditation training in many different ways, including the publication of Wise's books in different languages and the publication of e-books, lectures, and recordings by Mind Mirror inventor C. Maxwell Cade. In 2016 she recorded the unpublished meditations of Cade and Wise for an online meditation company, Mindsurfer Media.


Running true to form, Judith turned her writing skills to an IAM e-newsletter on consciousness and the Mind Mirror, "Eureka Times," and a community-enriching webinar program. She also stays busy with mind research on extraordinary individuals and collaborative projects with evolutionary organizations.


Known for her warmth, sensitivity, inclusiveness, ease of communication, and musicality, Judith continues to teach workshops and train practitioners in the U.S. and abroad. A harpist, guitarist, and improvisational singer, she uses the resonating beauty and power of the breath, voice, and sound to guide people into relaxed and higher awareness during workshops and on her meditation CDs.


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