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Judith believes and teaches that nothing else in existence - save spontaneous illumination - evolves consciousness as quickly and reliably as Awakened Mind meditation training. It was out of this certainty that she founded the Institute for the Awakened Mind, developed the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6, and works with people all over the world to research, teach, and promote this rewarding and vitally important meditation technology. 


Contact Judith to schedule a private session, weekend retreat, or visit to your home or office for a life-enhancing group brainwave training. Lectures and workshops can be as large or small in numbers as you like.


If you are searching for an exciting and rewarding new career, join a Practitioner training course and IAM's international network of EEG Awakened Mind consciousness trainers. 


If we want to change the world, we must first change ourselves. Using the Mind Mirror EEG to scientifically master our brainwaves and states of consciousness for creative flow and peak performance is the most loving, self-empowering, and fastest possible way to effect individual and collective change.

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Conscious Evolution + Networked Communities = Personal and Planetary Transformation. Catch the wave, raise the vibration of the Infinite Quantum Field!

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