Superconscious Mind

The meditations in this collection are designed to stimulate high-frequency gamma waves and the integrated superconscious transcendence of the Gamma Synchrony brainwave pattern.


Judith’s vivid imagery and crystalline guidance are amplified by an innovative array of gamma frequencies crafted by Robert Holbrook of The Monroe Institute, where all four of these meditations proved to be highly effective in a large-scale trial.


Expect powerful insights, subtle energy arousal, body-soul harmony, connection with your higher self, and perhaps an out-of-body outing; try again if you don’t get loose the first time. Bob Holbrook has pitched the music to the more organic 432A scale, which together with Christopher Lloyd Clarke's deeply moving compositions wire these superconscious journeys into the brain and psyche for lasting effect: their ultimate intention.


  • Expansion. The rhythmic transfer of energy between your human heart and spiritual heart draws you to love, revitalization, and superluminescent expansion. Includes a balanced ratio of low and high delta with 44 and 88Hz gamma brainwave entrainment frequencies. Music: Constellation. 30:00 minutes 
  • The Matrix. A languid inner journey through your physical matrix, biofield, and the quantum field provides insights while you balance and unite your energy centers and all dimensions of yourself. Brainwave entrainment builds on low and high delta balanced with 8Hz alpha and a 3-D orbiting 44Hz gamma sound. Music: Letting Go. 32:00 minutes.
  • The Wise One. Follow the path to the golden light of the Wise One and know yourself as never before. Includes 40 and 80Hz gamma frequencies. Music: Adrift. 36:13 minutes.  
  • Cosmic Waves. Surf the waves of consciousness and float out of body. The music is interwoven with low and high delta, a double alpha-theta harmonic in the middle of the track, plus 44 and 88Hz gamma frequencies. Music: Across the Sky. 30:00 minutes.

 Available as a digital download. 118 minutes total. Click here to purchase. $25.95.

The Star of Pure Love

Never underestimate the power of love. It uplifts us more than anything else by exciting subtle energies and super-ordinary brainwave patterns that enlighten the body, mind, and spirit.


Spend a beautiful meditation on nothing but loving yourself and others. Journey through a tunnel of light to the Star of Pure Love. Soar with angels into your higher self. There is only love and the sparkling remembrance of it.


Enjoy the exquisitely beautiful waves of sound by Christopher Lloyd Clarke of Enlightened Audio.



  • Meditation on Love. Feel what the love of others means to you and give yours where it’s needed. Music: Adrift. 23:51 minutes.
  • The Star of Pure Love. A tunnel of radiant white light opens to a magnificent evening sky and pure love. Music: Constellation. 27:28 minutes.  
  • The Bridge of Angels. A mystical landscape, angelic beings of light, a meeting with your immortal self. Learn what you need to know about your essence. You don’t have to believe in angels to soar with them. Perceive them as an embodiment of light. Let the music play your heartstrings. Music: All Loving Angel. 33:34 minutes.


Available as a digital download. Click here to purchase. Total 84 minutes. $25.95

Pure Consciousness

These meditations focus on inner healing as the pathway to spiritual awareness and enlightenment.


Forgive and let go of the past with Gifts to the Altar and Pure Consciousness. Ride 40-hertz gamma waves up to the celestial Timeline to clear imprints from the past and rewrite your life, with gamma support by audio technologist Bob Holbrook of The Monroe Institute.


All three tracks feature exquisitely beautiful, heart-opening music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke of Enlightened Audio.


  • Gifts to the Altar. A simple and potent forgiveness exercise for releasing incoherent energy on the cellular and atomic levels. Music: A Soothing Caress. 19:45 minutes. 
  • The Timeline. Rise up to the timeline’s colored spheres and change your life. Music: Ascension. Contains 40Hz gamma frequencies delivered through Spatial Angle Modulation technology. 40:00 minutes.    
  • Pure Consciousness. Liberate yourself and rise into the light of pure consciousness. Music: Letting Go.    33:58 minutes. 


Available for digital download. Click here to purchase. Total 93 minutes.  $25.95

The Meditation Experience: Listening to Your Psychic Soul, Vols. 1-4



"The Meditation Experience: Listening to Your Psychic Soul" consists of four guided meditation CDs which are EEG tested and guaranteed to help you reach deep, profound meditation and the Awakened Mind of creative flow and peak performance.


Featuring Judith's musical voice and the soothing sounds of her Celtic lap harp, each track is geared to self-discovery, healing and transformation.


Relax your body, open your heart, and expand your mind into higher awareness for inner wisdom, peace, and creativity.


Re-published by Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Press in 2012.



This 4-album set is available as digital downloads below.

Volumes 1-3 are available in CD form from Click here to purchase


The Meditation Experience, Volume 1

  •  The Lake of Inner Peace - Relax into the depths of inner tranquility
  • The Inner Temple - Journey into self=discovery within the temple of your body-mind
  • The Healing Garden - Heal any issue or problem in a garden of light

Keyboardist Gina Balducci’s musical soundscapes use Schumann and Pythagorean frequencies to evoke optimal brain states. Harp accompaniment by Judith Pennington. Buy CD from A.R.E. Press.

Click here to download as a digital file. Length: 68 minutes. $14.95

The Meditation Experience, Volume 2

  • Creative Light - Access your subconscious intelligence for creative problem-solving
  • Gifts of Insight - Walk in the woods and find gifts within your deeper mind
  • Journey of Transformation - Resolve any question, issue or challenge

Harp accompaniment by Judith Pennington. Buy CD from A.R.E. Press

Click here to purchase a digital download.

Length: 75 minutes.  $14.95


The Meditation Experience, Volume 3

  • Breathing Light - Use your breath and ancient sounds to deepen into the presence of Light
  • Woods and Water - Journey into your soul for deep insights and profound peace
  • The Illuminated Door - Read your past, present, and future in the Akashic Records

Harp accompaniment by Judith Pennington. Buy CD from A.R.E. Press.

Buy Now as a digital download.   

Length: 1:11 minutes   $14.95


The Meditation Experience, Volume 4

  • A Special Dinner - Dream night with big band music, singing and dancing
  • Autumn Woods - Enjoy a walk in the woods and develop your alpha waves
  • Orange Trees by the Ocean - Imagery that builds alpha and identifies your strongest inner senses
  • The Heart of Meditation - Meditation on joy and enter the silence
  • What Instrument Am I? - Discover your true nature, qualities and characteristics

These alpha-building meditations feature voice only.

Buy now as a digital download. Length: 68 minutes. $14.95

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