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Judith founded Eagle Life Communications in 2001 to teach EEG-guided meditation as the foundational pathway to life mastery and spiritual growth. Her books, guided meditation CDs, and the articles in her free e-newsletter, "The Still Small Voice," and free e-magazine, "OneWorld Spirit," help people all over the world in their journeys to self-discovery and positive change.


Until she turned her attention to the Institute for the Awakened Mind in 2011, Judith led workshops and retreats across the United States and abroad on a broad range of topics related to meditation, including self-love, inspired writing, dream interpretation, intuition development, and spiritual awakening. Her intention was and still is to touch the heart and open the mind to the unlimited creative potential of the spirit.


As a teacher, Judith is known for her warmth, sensitivity, inclusiveness, ease of communication, and musicality. Visit her YouTube channel to watch an interview, listen to a meditation, or attend a workshop on the Mind Mirror and the Awakened Mind.


A harpist, guitarist and improvisational singer, Judith uses the resonating beauty and power of the breath, voice and sound to guide people into relaxed and higher awareness during workshops and on her meditation CDs.


An internationally published writer and award-winning author, Judith tells the story of her spiritual awakening through inspired writing and meditation in her first book, The Voice of the Soul: A Journey into Physics and the Wisdom of God. Her second book, Your Psychic Soul: Embracing Your Sixth Sense, teaches the art and science of meditation and how it naturally develops our intuitive and spiritual abilities.


Visit Judith's EagleLife.com website and its Sanctuary to listen to a guided meditation, learn how to meditate, and explore the path to higher awareness. 


Visit her Awakened Mind meditation website, Brainwave Training.com to learn about the extraordinary benefits of EEG-led biofeedback meditation.


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